Red Light Camera Tickets

We Have A 80%+ Success Rate At Winning Red Light Camera Tickets Or $ Back!

How do we win red light camera tickets?  Well, our lawyers have extensively studied and created fool proof legal defense strategies and found sufficient case law to dismiss red light camera tickets issued throughout the state of California.  So even if you were driving the vehicle and the pictures clearly show so, we will likely still win your red light camera ticket!  The red light camera companies are private for-profit corporations that must follow certain rules & regulations.  If these guidelines are not adhered to, it is a full grounds for dismissal of the red light camera ticket issued.    Some of the requirements these private for-profit red light companies must follow are:

1.  Signs that warn drivers of the red light cameras.

2.  Sufficient yellow light intervals based on the posted speed limit

3.  30 day warning periods

4.  Agreements with the for-profit company that are not based on the specific number of traffic citations issued

5.  Clear photos of the driver

6.  Red light camera ticket must be sent to the driver within 15 days of the infraction.

7.  Public notice of the activation of the system

8.  The list goes on in great length and we have found that most of the red light camera companies fail to meet all of the requirements of abiding by these guidelines. 

Did you know that Red Light Camera law is one of the most in-depth and longest traffic infraction laws in the state of California!    We have studied it and are confident that we can beat your red light camera ticket regardless of the circumstances, or you get your money back!


Got a red light camera ticket in Los Angeles? Blame Europe!

Make no mistake, getting a red light camera ticket in Los Angeles is an expensive proposition that can cost you up to $500 dollars. This is one of the most in-depth traffic infraction laws in the entire state but the origins for this controversial idea aren’t American. In fact, it’s a good idea to calm yourself when you get one of these in the mail so here’s a history of this type of ticket and a quick timeline of how the concept has evolved.

Before you start blaming the Europeans generally and the people in Netherlands where the idea first originated, it’s a good idea to make sure all the legalities were followed on this side of the pond after you get one of these tickets. Along with signs that warn drivers of these red light cameras, traffic laws in Los Angeles also state these tickets need to have clear photos of the driver who ran the red light.

When you get caught for one of these infractions, you might be surprised to find out you can trace the origins of this technology all the way back to the 1960s. The company that first made this product is called Gatsometer BV from the Netherlands. However, it wouldn’t be fair to blame that quaint European country for all the problems that you have paying a red light camera ticket in Los Angeles completely.


Sunshine State Technology

That’s because the technology that wound up in the Sunshine State didn’t jump the ocean immediately to wind up here. The history of the penalty for this particular driving infraction starts on the other coast of America in New York City where the idea came to life after an accident where a car ran a red light and hit a baby in a stroller in the 1980s.

One of the other prerequisites for this modern infraction is the fact the ticket must be sent to the driver within 15 days of the alleged infraction. If you look back in the history of these tickets you’d see where that would have been next to impossible because earlier versions used film which needed to be reviewed and approved by local law enforcement officials. It wasn’t until the year 2000 that an Australian company in Canberra developed the digital technologies that sped up the delivery of  your Los Angeles red light camera ticket today.

Red Light Camera Tickets have a California Vehicle Code of VC 21453 and carry very high fines amounts of approximately $490 or more.  They carry one DMV point which may cause your insurance rates to go up $750 on average for 3 years.

If you have been charged with a California Red Light Camera Ticket, don’t simply pay the fine and plead guilty!  The lawyers at California traffic tickets have an 80% success rate and can win your red light ticket.

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