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How Much Does a Speeding Ticket Cost in California?

Receiving a speeding ticket in California may not seem so expensive at first, but when you consider the costs associated with this ticket it can quickly add up. Depending on the severity of the speeding ticket, you can expect to receive a fine from anywhere between $35 and $480 when you factor in the base [...]

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How to Pay a California Traffic Ticket from Out of State

If you received a traffic ticket in California while you were visiting, you may be wondering how this process works. Visitors of California may be worried that they’ll have to travel back to the state in order to appear in court, or that they have to pay a hefty fine. By hiring trusted traffic ticket [...]

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Is It Worth Getting a Lawyer for a Speeding Ticket?

  If you have recently received a speeding ticket you may think that you can just pay the fine and that there will be no repercussions in the long run. You may be wondering if it’s worth it to hire a speeding ticket lawyer to help fight your case. We are here to tell you [...]

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