California Traffic Tickets Client Testimonials

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Here Are Just A Few California Traffic Tickets Reviews From Past Clients Who Have Used Our Services:

  • Raja C. from San Diego “I have used them twice, once for a radar speeding ticket (right, if you have a radar gun saying you were going a certain speed, how do you get out of it?), and for an unmarked no-left turn. Not only did I win BOTH, but the city soon re-striped the road to make the left turn legal!!! ultimate success. Even when you think there’s no way to win – you’d be surprised!”
  • Officer C. Lee – LAPDTo Whom It May Concern,I have been a peace officer in the State of California for approximately 10 years.  I am currently employed by the Los Angeles Police Department as a police officer.  In my years with LAPD, I have testified in traffic court on numerous occasions (ranging from infractions to DUI cases).  I have observed attorneys from California Traffic Tickets appearing on behalf, and also with your clients on many occasions.  My impression is that your attorneys are very professional and provide the service that clients deserve.  I find that the convenience of having an attorney appear on behalf of your traffic ticket is definitely worth the retainer.  I would highly recommend California Traffic Tickets for anyone attempting to get a ticket dismissed or for those who just don’t have the time to take out of their busy schedule to make court appearance.
    Officer C. Lee – LAPD
  • Donald B. – Orange County, CA “Thank you very much! I don’t know how you did it!!! I will be recommending you to all my truck driving buddies and anybody else who I come across that has a ticket.  Hopefully I will not need your service again, but if I do you’ll be the first to know.  Thanks again!”Commercial Drivers are not eligible for traffic school when they receive a citation while driving a commercial vehicle. Here Are 5 Reasons For Commercial Drivers To Use California Traffic Tickets To Fight & Win Your Ticket:
    1. Save Your CDL (Commercial Drivers License)
    2. Save DMV Points from showing on their driving record
    3. Save $ on fines & insurance hikes
    4. Save time with NO court appearances required
    5. Save Your Job! Attached is a winning verdict from a client named Donald Burklund who is a commercial driver.”
  • Nino K. – Beverly Hills, CA “Just received my winning verdict in the mail for my red light camera ticket and can’t believe it was dismissed!  Using California Traffic Tickets saved me time, money, points, and insurance hikes, plus I didn’t even have to go to traffic school. I’ll be sure to tell all my friends and family about your legal services!  Thank You”
  • Allan T. – Los Angeles, CA “I was charged by CHP for speeding 88MPH in a 65MPH zone on my way to Vegas on the I15 North.  I didn’t think I could win this charge because the officer said that he used a radar to clock my speed.  My friend told me about California Traffic Tickets and how they were able to win his speeding ticket last month so I gave them a try and I won my case!
  • Cesar M. – Orange County, CA “I was caught in a speed trap where one officer was on a bridge with a laser gun and the other officer was down below handing out tickets.  The officer who gave me my ticket said the officer on the bridge measured me going 89 miles/hr.  Which was probably right because I set my cruise control at 89 miles/hr.  I honestly didn’t think I could get out of this speeding ticket but decided to give California Traffic Tickets a try.  California Traffic Tickets created a great customized defense for my situation and because the officer who measured my speed wasn’t the officer that signed my ticket, my case was dismissed!  I can’t believe I won this ticket!”
  • Tom E. – Riverside, CA “Being a truck driver, my CDL is my livelihood.  Since I wasn’t eligible for traffic school with my CDL I decided to give California Traffic Tickets a try as they were recommended to me through my US trucking association.   Thank God I did as I still have a clean CDL and more importantly, still have a job!”
  • Samantha K. – San Diego, CA “Just received a letter from court telling me my ticket was fully dismissed.  Thank You So Much!”
  • John S. – San Francisco, CA “About 4 months ago I was mailed a red light camera ticket with a fine amount of $533!  I thought this was highway robbery and wanted to do everything possible to fight and win this unfairly overpriced charge.  I Googled “California Traffic Ticket Lawyer” and found   I called them for a quote which was hundreds of dollars cheaper than my fine amount and went ahead with their service.  To my surprise I was found not guilty of the red light camera charge!  I ended up NOT having to pay the $533 fine, saved time by not having to go to court, saved my license from accumulating additional points, didn’t have to attend traffic school and my car insurance rates weren’t affected because my ticket was completely eliminated!  Thank You So Much!”
  • Mark L. – Sacramento, CA “Yes, you really did want you said you could do which is rare these days.  Thanks a lot!”
  • Lily M. – Long Beach, CA “Honestly, I didn’t even know a legal service like yours existed!  Good think I researched my options and found you.  I was skeptical at first, but realized that it’s a Win/Win situation for both of us.   Now that my ticket’s dismissed I feel that I ended up with the better half of the deal!  I really appreciate your services and will be sure to tell my friends about your company too.”
  • Jason P. – From The Bay Area “To California Traffic Tickets, I want to thank you for your great customer service and more importantly the results I’ve attained from using your legal service.   When I first received my red light camera ticket and looked at the pictures and video, I really didn’t think I had a way out because everything was so clear and I was obviously the driver.   It’s a good thing my friend told me about you.  I’m incredibly happy to say that I received a “NOT GUILTY” verdict from the court yesterday as well as my $480 bail money back.  Your company has helped me save a lot of money on the ridiculously high fine amount, not to mention time, points and no traffic school.  I”ll be sure to use your services again and want to sincerely thank you for your amazing services.”
  • Mark C. – The Valley, CA “You guys are awesome!!!!!!  I’ll be sure to spread the good word about California Traffic Tickets to my buddies”
  • Samantha K. – Irvine, CA “To be frank, I was really skeptical about your company and wasnt’ sure I trusted your service to really work.  I was ready to just pay my ticket and plead guilty because I know I was speeding and was caught by the CHP with a laser/lidar device.  I mean, how could you possibly get me out of this speeding ticket?  My boyfriend convinced me to give you guys a try and I”m so happy I did.   The defense you created for me was well put together and questioned the officers charge and I didn’t know there were so many loopholes in the law to get out of speeding tickets even though I felt I was guilty of the offence.  I guess the law can be used to fight the law and the officer didn’t follow all of the required procedures to charge me with speeding.  After almost 10 weeks of waiting, I’m so surprised to see this “not guilty” decision from the court and the full refund of my bail check will be mailed to me within 2 weeks.  I guess I should learn to trust more :)”
  • George T.- San Francisco, Cali “How in the world did you guys get me out of this red light camera ticket?  The pictures on the red light camera ticket were so clear and the video was even clearer on cite-web!   My winning verdict from the court said that “In the interest of justice” my ticket was dismissed!  I really believe that in the interest of justice, these private, for-profit red light camera companies shouldn’t be charging people in the first place with $480 fines, plus court fees plus a point on my license or traffic school.  I would have been really pissed off if I lost this case and had my car insurance rates get jacked even higher.  It’s a good thing I found you guys and I”ll be sure to spread the word!
  • Tony R. – San Diego, CA “You guys rock!  I”ll be sure to tell everyone I know about your awesome service!”
  • Jennifer L. – Oakland, CA “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!  You really did get me out of this ticket and saved me a lot of $.  I”ve been out of a job now for almost a year now and was in tears when the officer first issued me this citation, but not I”m balling with tears of joy!  You’ve really made my day and I wish your company the best!  Muah!
  • Joshua N. – Los Angeles, CA “Over the winter I was on my way to Big Bear for a ski trip with a few good friends.  I was pulled over by an officer who said that I was speeding 88MPH in a 65MPH zone.  He even showed me his radar gun which displayed 88MPH and I thought I was toast.  My friend told me that he used your firm to beat his speeding ticket last year and gave me your number to call.  It’s a good thing I did, because I just got my winning verdict in the mail telling me my speeding ticket was fully dismissed!  I can’t believe we won this case even though the officer showed me my speed on his radar gun.  I guess there are a lot of other defenses and laws that can be used to win speeding tickets.”
  • Charlie S. – Oceanside, CA “Last year I got 1 red light camera ticket & 3 speeding tickets (one speeding ticket was for over 100MPH) on the I5 North.   I driving from the Oceanside to Orange County to see my girlfriend every weekend and if I was charged with this last speeding ticket for over 100MPH my license would have been suspended.  I had already used up my traffic school option and found myself in a tough situation.  I knew I had to do everything possible to fight and win this serious speeding ticket as it would have cost me 2 points on my license.  My corporate lawyer recommended the California Traffic Tickets law firm because they were the only law firm to offer a full refund if I lost my case.   I decided to have them handle my speeding ticket and it’s a good thing I did.  I’m still in shock to receive this winning verdict from the courthouse and honestly can’t believe my 2 point speeding ticket was fully dismissed!!!  I’ve now slowed down and hopefully won’t need your service again, but if I do, you can be sure you’ll have a repeat client”
  • Kumar S. – Los Angeles, CA “I just wanted to express my complete satisfaction with your professional legal service.  Thank You So Very Much!”
  • Lawrence T. – Orange, CA “You guys are the best, I”m in disbelief that my illegal turn ticket was completely eliminated!!”
  • Keith L. – San Francisco, CA “I’m very pleased with your legal service and will be sure to recommend your company to my truck driving friends.”
  • Jonathan C. – Beverly Hills, CA “I was ready to simply pay the $460 fine amount on my red light camera ticket as the pictures were clearly of me driving my vehicle.  I asked my secretary to handle it for me and she told me that I should try your companies legal services.  Now that I’ve received this dismissal letter from the court informing me of my red light camera ticket being quashed, I”ve decided to give my secretary a raise.  Not only did I save a point, but more importantly, my car insurance premiums will not be raised.  I will definitely recommend your legal services to all my clients, partners and associates.
  • Jason E. – Newport Beach, CA “Just received my “Not Guilty” letter from the court for my speeding ticket which was for doing 102MPH in a 65MPH zone.  I’m still in disbelief that your service actually worked and will be sure to put in a good word for you to everyone I know”
  • Lydia F. – Oakland, CA “Honestly, I can’t believe my red light camera ticket was actually dismissed!  I sincerely want to thank everyone at California Traffic Tickets for helping me win my ticket!”

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