California Traffic Ticket Services

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CA Traffic Tickets offer the following services:

California Traffic Tickets is proud to be one of the 1st & ONLY companies with licensed lawyers to offer a refund policy.    We are the #1 company with the highest true success rate in the industry because we pioneered a two-step system at winning traffic infractions in California which DOUBLES your chances at winning.    We normally fight most traffic infractions using a process called Trial By Written Declaration (TBWD) first.  If we are unable to win the TBWD first time around, we can send one of our 300+ local Cali lawyers into court and try to dismiss or reduce your ticket at a New Trial (Trial De Novo)   We can win all types of traffic infractions and misdemeanors in California including:

Trial By Written Declaration (TBWD) Service Our TBWD service is for a trial that is all done in writing, and no court appearance is required at all. After you sign up and provide us information about your case, one of our traffic ticket lawyers will create a customized and extensive legal defense (TBWD) statement for you. The normal turn-around time for one of our lawyers to complete and email you the customized TBWD defense is 10 business days. If you need it sooner, please contact our office directly as rush fees may apply. Upon completion, one of our lawyers will email you the customized TBWD with simple instructions. You will simply need to sign the TBWD legal documents, attach a check for the bail/fine amount, and mail it to the court before your due date. The court will mail you the verdict within 2-12 weeks. You will receive a refund of the bail/fine amount if you win your case via check directly from the court.

Court Trial (CT) Service Our CT service includes one of our local lawyers attending your court trial, and attempting to dismiss your ticket completely. If a dismissal is not possible, the attorney will start the negotiation process and attempt to reduce your ticket to a no-point violation and reduce your fine amount as well. You will NOT need to be present at court since our lawyer will represent you and act in your best interests for winning your case and achieving the best possible outcome. We generally have a higher success rate with our court trials compared to Trial By Written Declarations, since our lawyers will try to negotiate the charges down if they are not able to fully dismiss your case.

Trial By Written Declaration (TBWD) & Court Trial (CT) Service – Platinum Package Our Platinum Package comes with a FULL GUARANTEED REFUND and includes our TBWD and CT Service. Purchasing this package will give you the best chance at winning your ticket with a 90%+ success rate. Please note that our platinum package is NOT available in all courts and for all cases. Please call our office for a free consultation to determine if your ticket qualifies for this package.

The Pricing For Our Services Start At $99 (non-moving violations)

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