If you have recently received a speeding ticket in the state of California, you may be wondering what your options are in terms of paying the fine or contesting the ticket. This can be a frustrating process, and you may just want to pay the fine so you don’t have to deal with the ticket. Our traffic ticket attorneys in California want you to know that you should never pay another speeding ticket fine! You can contest your speeding ticket, and this will ultimately save you time and money along the way. Read below to find out exactly how to contest your speeding ticket in California.


You might think, how can you fight a speeding ticket? Once the police officer issues the ticket, it’s too difficult to contest it, right? There are many components that influence the legitimacy of a speeding ticket, including the officer’s perception, equipment, and the role those played in witnessing the event. The truth is that not all speeding tickets are warranted. CA Traffic Tickets has a 2-point speeding ticket defense system that will help you win your case.

The first step in contesting your speeding ticket is to contact a traffic ticket lawyer for guidance. You don’t have to worry about appearing in court or filling out any paperwork when you hire a speeding ticket lawyer, and this process will run so much smoother this way. Traffic ticket attorneys will submit a written declaration on behalf of you. If that is not successful, the lawyer may be able to win your ticket at a second, new trial.


Why You Should Fight Your Ticket


If you resort to paying your speeding ticket in California, you will inevitably accumulate points on your driving record, which can be detrimental for you in the long run. Not to mention that you will experience insurance hikes by simply paying the fine. Why not try and fight your case so that you can save yourself from unwanted stress and money. If you win your speeding ticket case, you won’t have to attend driving school or have this citation on your driving record.


By paying your fine, you may feel that you are taking the easy way out of the situation; however, that is not the case. You are automatically pleading guilty, and you will be fully charged with the speeding violation. You are in jeopardy of having your license suspended if you have previously received numerous points on your driving record. By hiring experienced traffic ticket attorneys in California, you can relax knowing that they will handle the entire process, and ultimately win your case!


If you want to save time and money during this process, contact CA Traffic Tickets today! Our 80% success rate has proven that we are the best in the industry when it comes to any traffic violations in California!