Driving On Probation

If you have received a traffic ticket in California while driving on probation, you should use a reputable traffic ticket company to fight and win your ticket. Failure to do so would result in an extended period of time on probation as well as an automatic license suspension.

Our traffic ticket lawyers can win driving on probation tickets to help you keep your privilege to drive!

Many drivers who receive multiple infractions or misdemeanors receive a probation. A probation is when the DMV does NOT suspend your privilege to drive but rather gives you a warning for a specified period of time during which you can not receive any more traffic tickets. If you receive a traffic infraction, traffic violation, misdemeanor during your probation time and you were at fault, your license will be automatically suspended. Drivers must keep their driving record clean for the probation period if they wish to have the probation removed.

Probation can also include the time period in which your privilege to drive is revoked or suspended. During this time the driver is NOT allowed to operate his/her motor vehicle and drive whatsoever. If a restriction is issued, the driver may ONLY drive within those restrictions and failure to do so would result in a violation of the probation. While on probation if you receive a traffic violation, your license is automatically suspended for 6 months and in addition to this the length of your probation is extended for an additional year starting on the violation date.