Seat Belt Violation

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California Seat Belt Violation Tickets

CA Traffic Tickets can fight seat belt tickets for you in court.  We use proven legal defense strategies and arguments to win your seat belt ticket.  There are specific circumstances where individuals are exempt from the seat belt law.

No matter the reason for the traffic ticket, we are here to help you avoid ridiculously high-ticket costs, needlessly increased insurances premiums, and DMV points that can affect your life. Don’t pay and plead guilty, let us help you beat your seat belt ticket.

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Seat belt tickets cost between $25 – $162 and carry no points if the driver and passenger are over the age of 16. If either the passenger or driver is under the age of 16 years-old then a seat belt tickets carries 3 DMV points which stay on your record for 3 years.

Tickets for not wearing a seat belt can increase to over $450 if a child passenger is not secured properly.

Can You Be Pulled Over for Sealt Belt Only?

Yes. California seat belt ticket laws consider a seat belt violation a primary infraction which means a police officer can pull you over for not wearing a seat belt. Unlike other states, where seat belt laws are secondary, meaning an officer needs a primary reason to pull you over and then to ticket you for the seat belt violation.

Seat belts reduce death from car accidents by 50% and wearing a seat belt all the time is the only way to ensure that the odds of surviving major crashes are that high at least.

Passenger Seat Belt Tickets

In California, passengers 16 years-old and over are required to secure themselves in the vehicle and can receive seat belt traffic tickets and be responsible to pay those tickets.

Seat Belt Laws for Backseat Passengers

California seat belt laws require every passenger 16 years-old or younger to wear a seat belt at all times, in the front and backseat of the car. Any passenger over the age of 16 can choose not to wear a seat belt in the backseat of a car, but all passengers regardless of age MUST wear a seatbelt when sitting in the front of the car.

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