California Traffic Tickets

California traffic tickets has an 80 percent success rate or $ back!*  We fight all California Traffic Tickets including: Speeding tickets with radar or laser, stop sign ticketsred light ticketsreckless driving tickets, and all other California traffic ticket violations.

No court required, no insurance hikes, no points, no driving school, no big fines, no court fees! You save time and money by using California Traffic Tickets.

We represent clients with traffic violations in over 100 courts, in over 50 counties. California Traffic Tickets is proud to be one of the first and only companies with licensed lawyers to offer a refund policy.

  • NO Guilty Verdict
  • NO Court Appearance
  • NO Traffic School
  • NO Points
  • NO Insurance Increases

The cost of a traffic ticket is more than just amount of the fine, you will be paying thousands of dollars for other increases and time lost over three years.

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Our Traffic Ticket Attorneys Have a Two-Step Process to Win

  1. Our Traffic Ticket Attorneys Have a Two-Step Process to Win. Always Consult with a Traffic Ticket Attorney First.So many people rush to pay their traffic tickets online without thinking of the consequences. Paying a ticket means pleading guilty and adding long term financial burdens to yourself. Always consult traffic ticket attorneys before making any decision. Each of our traffic ticket lawyers has decades of experience fighting traffic violations. Even if you think you have no other option, always call us first!

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Traffic Tickets Infractions & Traffic Ticket Violations

  1. CA Traffic Tickets provides our clients with the most experienced California traffic attorney in the area with the best record for fighting their specific traffic violation.Our lawyers handle speeding tickets, reckless driving charges, and California DUI charges. Our lawyers have worked in California traffic law for decades and fought thousands of these charges for clients through years. We are well versed and ready to help you.Unlike many law firms in California, we deal specifically with traffic law. It’s what we do every day. We act in your best interest. Don’t wait any longer, call us today!