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Many Californians don’t fully stop for three seconds at stop signs, instead most drivers do the “rolling stop” where the driver slows down at the stop sign, but doesn’t come to a complete stop. An officer who sees a rolling stop will likely give the driver a failure to stop traffic ticket which carries a one point value in California. A stop sign ticket in California is defined as an infraction, however, CA traffic tickets can win stop sign tickets and save you money on your car insurance rates going up.

Penalties for Running a Stop Sign in California

The average stop sign ticket in California costs $238. When you pay a stop sign ticket you admit guilt, which adds one point to your drivers license/DMV record which in turn increases your insurance rates for an average of 3 years. A single stop sign fine can cost you thousands of dollars over 3 years. This is why you should not pay your stop sign ticket, you should find a stop sign ticket lawyer to fight it for you!

Defense For Running a Stop Sign Ticket

Receiving a ticket for running a stop sign does not mean you are guilty. There are a number of reasons that a stop sign ticket could be undeserved. Police officers can make mistakes. Perhaps the stop sign was hidden from view, the officer’s visibility of your vehicle was obstructed, or the stop line was faded. Our California ticket lawyers fight tickets with a 2 point system and we get 80% of our tickets dismissed! Ca

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