Cell Phone & Texting Tickets

Yes, California Traffic Tickets can now win Cell Phone and Texting Tickets.  (VC23123 – Handheld Wireless Telephone Prohibited Use) Our CA traffic ticket lawyers have extensively studied and created fool proof legal defense strategies and found sufficient case law to dismiss cell phone and texting tickets issued throughout the state of California.  Although we do not encourage you to text while driving, there are multiple elements that the officer should prove to find you guilty of this offence.


If the officer is not able to prove certain elements and provide sufficient evidence including his/her declaration in a timely manner this would be sufficient grounds of dismissal for such a charge.

4 Reasons Why You Should Let Us Fight & Win Your Cell Phone/Texting Ticket:

1. You save money!  Our service fee is only $99 to win a cell phone ticket or your money back!*  Please note that there is a non-refundable $49 document fee for our trial by written declaration service as well.

2. Keep your DMV record clean! Although Cell phone and texting ticket do not carry points, they still show on your DMV report which is why it’s always better to dismiss such charges.

3. Prevent insurance hikes!  Many insurance companies are now raising premiums exponentially for cell phone tickets due to the large number of accidents caused by texting and using a cell phone while driving.   Cell Phone Tickets often actually cause insurance rates to increase even more then traffic tickets that carry a DMV point.  This is why it’s important to fight cell phone tickets.

4. You save time with no court appearance required.   One of our traffic ticket lawyers will take care of the entire trial by declaration for you!

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